How Agio Started

There is an article about our CEO in @UNITELGBTMAG

In 2007, Michael Tolassi, the principal of Agio Brand Solutions, LLC, was searching for a personalized gift for a friend and decided that engraving his friend’s logo on the shiny silver case of the most popular MP3 player of the time would be a great idea.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer would only engrave text. Instead of throwing in the towel and accepting the status quo, Tolassi fell back on a key lesson he learned during his years of service in the United States Army: Adapt and Overcome. And so he did.

“Almost immediately my business partner and I decided to rent a 50-square foot kiosk with only one engraving machine.” They specialized in laser etching graphics onto MP3 players. “Soon, customers were asking us to engrave other products, as well as for our advice on custom branded merchandise.”

Seizing the opportunity to branch out, Tolassi morphed the young business into Agio Brand Solutions and began selling promotional items and branded apparel. Soon after launching the company, Tolassi faced another challenge: a declining economy and global recession. Yet again, he remembered to adapt and overcome. And so he did.

Despite the crushing economic environment of recent years, Agio Brand Solutions experienced staggering growth. Tolassi firmly believed, and does to this day, that providing clients with a quality product at a competitive price and superior customer service would be the foundation of the company’s success. Strongly guided by customer-focused principles and the ability to adapt to meet customer needs, allowed the company to grow from servicing small businesses to obtaining Fortune 500 clients.

Today, Agio Brand Solutions customers range from small to large: major universities and top healthcare companies. “The company thrives as a creative boutique for smaller companies while offering large clients the same level of customer service and personal attention not found in larger agencies.”

Agio Brand Solutions is a certified LGBT Business Enterprises, Veteran-Owned Business, and member of the Independence Business Alliance. Tolassi also supports the Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia’s LGBT health care center, the HRC and is a board member with the Center City Proprietors’ Association.


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