5 Ways Promotional Products Can Help Grow Your Business

Promotional products (sometimes called “advertising specialty items”) are one of the most cost-effective marketing choices you can make for your business.

That’s because promotional products significantly increase positive awareness of a company or brand in the people who receive them. They also have one of the best cost per impressions (CPI) of any advertising medium.

For example, the Advertising Specialties Impact and Exposures Study (October 2008) found that promotional bags were used an average of 9.33 times per month and delivered an average 1,038 impressions in that month.

Promotional products are good choices for more than just advertising, however! Here are five more ways advertising specialty items can help grow your business:

(1) Increase Brand Awareness and Name Recognition at Trade Shows

Giving a promotional product to qualified leads at trade shows is a good way to keep your business top of mind with potential new customers and increase their receptiveness to follow-up campaigns.

According to a study by Schreber & Associates, 39% of people who receive a promotional product will recall the advertiser’s name as long as six months after they received it.

(2) Raise Direct Mail Response Rates

A Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) study showed that bulky mail – which is perceived to contain a product rather than simply messaging — increases response rates by up to 50%.

This works for trade shows as well!  Research by the Dallas Marketing Group found that trade show booth traffic can be tripled by sending registered attendees a promotional product in a pre-show mailing.

(3) Make It More Likely Customers Will Make a Purchase

An Advertising Specialty Institute study indicated that 62% of recipients of a promotional product were more likely to make a purchase than those who did not receive an item.

 (4) Get Customers to Buy Again Sooner

Southern Methodist University found customers who received free promotional products along with their purchases re-ordered up to 18% sooner than those customers who received coupons. Plus, promotional produces build awareness and customer loyalty!

 (5) Get More Referrals

In a study by Baylor University, researchers found that Mary Kay consultants who gave promotional or advertising specialty items to their clients were more likely to receive a referral than those who did not.

So from trade shows to retail stores, from direct mail to networking events, promotional items can help your business … win more business!


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